¡Santa María!

"Santa María, libranos de todo mal, ampáranos señora de este terrible animal''

"Santa María" comes from a popular culture song of Bomba, an Afro-Caribbean traditional music and dance style from Puerto Rico. The words of the song mean, Saint Marie, free us from all evil, protect us, of this terrible animal.
Ironically and contrary to the words of the song, what hurricane Maria did to the island was the complete opposite.

Hurricane Maria was one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the Caribbean and the island of Puerto Rico. Creating a major humanitarian crisis for this US territory. Thousands of people lost their houses, the entire island was without electricity, and more than half of the population was without water.

Days after the hurricane, doing simple things like going to the supermarket, buying gasoline, finding potable water, buying ice or going to work, seem like huge tasks to overcome.

Until today, life after Maria represents a new challenge and new reality. It means adjusting to a new landscape and a new unchosen lifestyle. For many Puerto Ricans, their new reality is overwhelming and difficult. Resilience, determination, and self-management have played a key roll in the recovery of the island.

This a more in-depth look into Puerto Rican society in the aftermath of Hurricane María.