Víctor is a 27-year-old young man who likes to dance, sing and post old photos of himself with friends and family on Facebook every day. He spends his days listening to his two favorite songs on Youtube and helping his mother Wanda. He talks constantly about how much he loves his family and about the places he wants to visit one day. His eyes reflect a joyful light, very characteristic of a young mind full of life.

But, life for Víctor has been anything but easy. He was born with a rare genetic disorder called Sotos Syndrome, which results in gigantism, intellectual and motor disabilities, hearing loss, blindness, and severe scoliosis.

Víctor is considered to have the knowledge skills of a 10 year-old-boy. But, when you talk with him his wiseness can impress you. He never learned how to ties his shoelaces and yet he learned how to use Facebook like every other millennial of his age.  

It is believed that 1 of 10,000 people in the world is affected by this disorder caused by mutations in the NSD1 gene and not inherited from any of the parents. 

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